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Henry Peter Glass



Born 15 Sep 1857 Concord NC
Married 21 Dec 1878 (age 21) Emma Sophia Patterson
Died 28 Nov 1938 (age 81) Litchfield IL
Buried 30 Nov 1938 Litchfield IL
Occupation Carpenter
Parents Johann Peter Glass Mary Elizabeth Cline
Siblings Lena E Glass (1851-1889)
Louisa S Glass (1854-1929)
Frederick William Glass (1859-1931)
Andrew J Glass (1862-1864) died at 2½ yrs old
Laura Dorothea Glass (1869-1947)
Unknown child
Unknown child
Unknown child
Children Ila Belle Chambers (out of wedlock)

Henry Glass was the first son and the third of five children born to Johann Peter and Mary Elizabeth. What we know about his life comes from a few documents, newspaper clippings, and several letters between him and his younger brother Frederick.

He married Emma Sophia Patterson (age 15) in Concord in 1878, and apparently had an extra-marital affair near the beginning of 1883 with Mary Louise "Molly" Chambers (single, age 19), which resulted in the birth of their daughter and Henry's only child, Ila Belle Chambers.