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Ila Belle Chambers



Born 22 Sep 1883 Cabarrus NC
Married 22 Dec 1910 (age 27) Bruce Earnest Jackson
Died 23 Feb 1970 (age 86) Concord NC
Buried 02 Mar 1970 Concord NC
Occupation Domestic
Parents Henry Peter Glass Mary Louise "Molly" Chambers
Siblings (half) Mary Elizabeth Shinn Goodman (1887-1956)
Pauline Missouri Shinn Crowder (1890-1981)
Joseph Martin Shinn Sr (1893-1994)
Margaret Iletta Shinn Wininger (1897-1999)
Ada Melvina Shinn Cline (1900-1994)
James Morgan Shinn (1902-1971)
William Edward Shinn (1905-1972)
Children Mary Kathleen Chambers Edmiston (1906-1995)
Margie Ree Jackson McCombs (1911-1997)
James Bruce Jackson (1915-2003)
Harry Lee Jackson

Ila Belle Chambers is included in this project because she is the only child of Henry Peter Glass, and therefore is a direct descendant of Johann Peter Glass. She was born on September 22, 1883 in Cabarrus County, NC to Mary Louise Chambers (19), an unmarried woman at that time.