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Johann Peter Glass



Born 09 Apr 1826 Fürstenhausen, Germany
Married 02 Jan 1851 (age 24) Mary Elizabeth Cline
Died 25 Aug 1898 (age 72) Cabarrus County NC
Buried 26 Aug 1898 St Enoch's Lutheran Church
Occupation Overseer, Farmer
Parents Peter Gläs Dorothea Kranz
Siblings Luise Katharina Gläs (1818-1866)
Dorothea Gläs (1820-1878)
Luisa Karolina Gläs (1822-1822)
Johann Peter Gläs (1824-1825)
Luisa Katharina Gläs (1833-1879)
Children Lena E Glass (1851-1889)
Louisa S Glass (1854-1929)
Henry Peter Glass (1857-1938)
Frederick William Glass (1859-1931)
Andrew J Glass (1862-1864) died at 2½ yrs old
Laura Dorothea Glass (1869-1947)
Unknown child
Unknown child
Unknown child

Johann Peter Glass was born in the small town of Fürstenhausen, in the city of Völklingen in what was then The Kingdom of Prussia. It is situated in the state of Saarland, near the French border.

He was confirmed in the Protestant Church three days after his 14th birthday in 1840. (See the confirmation certificate in the image gallery below)

He arrived in the US in September of 1847 at the age of 21. He landed in New York, then moved down to Philadelphia for about three months before traveling to and settling in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

On January 2, 1851 he married Mary Elizabeth Cline, also from The Kingdom of Prussia. Between 1851 and 1869 they had at least six children: three daughters and three sons that we know of.

He became a naturalized citizen of The US at the age of 52, on 22 June1878, during the July 1851 term of the Superior Court in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.